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#332319 - Cassandra Sprocket climbed out of the large multi person whirl pool tub and began drying herself off. She could see in the mirror, that her roommate of two years was coming up behind her and she asked, How's it going Tommi, do you have any plans for this evening? A slightly sad look befell Tommi's face and she replied, No, I don't have any plans, but it's obvious that you do!!! Now don't start in on me Tom, Cassie warned, I'm tired of having this conversion every weekend, you know how I feel about it!!! Tommi put her arms around Cassie's waist and cupped her full breasts, while whispering in her ear, You know how jealous I get when you go out with men, I just can't help it! The gentle caressing by her roomie was getting to her, so Cassie relaxed a little and leaned back to give Tommi a better angle on her nipples and responded with, You know how I feel about you Tommi, you're the love of my life, but once in a while I need to fee

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