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#111193 - Dfor was running around, jumping up to welcome us all, so with little effort, I knelt over a garden chair, and his cock, found the mark, going right up my arse first push, Les cum helping lube his cock. I had already had Dfor fuck me, so Liz found Jake and got on her knees, seeing as she was dry, his cock was not going in very easy, so I pulled him aside and sucked his cock, wetting him as Les ate Liz's butt for her, slicking it up. I had several orgasms while he continued to cum, then as he turned arse to arse with me, my orgasms started again, the knot seems to hit every good spot when he does this.

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Hotaru shidare
Jeff have never seen a movie he has no clue how to hold a camera
Damn she knows what to do with that cock for sure