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#119372 - I began rushing on the xtc inside me which hit hard and fast to take over my mind and body and make me hang loose and drowsy with deep love and passion as Razzak suddenly made me cry with pain from below and console me saying sssshhhhh it's ok my little Hindi princess's it's ok. He offered me spoils and a good life in return if I'd spent some time with him when possible and said I'd think about it before he used some KY jelly to squeeze in his hand and shift my panty aside in front of my crotch below to lube me slow and deep while holding his arm around me and gripping me close and tight to keep me in place while I Moaned and hissed to say how good that felt. My heart raced suddenly like a little girl with butterflies in my tummy as I climbed into the passenger side and shut the door to turn to my mature admirer and smile sweetly.

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