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#199316 - Susan leapt up and sat on my lap “come on Dave let’s do it, I have always fancied you and I hate the way she speaks to you these days and I’m gagging for some cock” her hands were on my trousers feeling my cock and she was kissing my lips and it felt great, my hands grasped her small tits as she unzipped my pants in seconds we were both naked with Susan sucking on my 6 inch cock and me fingering her hot hole, that’s how we were when Amanda returned to the room she was wearing only a silky dressing gown, no under ware and sarcastic smile, she was holding her favourite thick long dildo and had her cell phone with her, “don’t pay any attention to me” she said as she settled down in the leather chair, “go on Dave fill her up” and laughed again. Amanda continued to see Jerry most weekends he would come over at some point to screw my wife it always seemed to begin with a downstairs quickie as if showing off to me after which they would spend several hours in bed drinking, laughing and screwi

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