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#275157 - Finally the car comes around and on the radio love faces is playing I speed thru traffic wanting needing more of you not paying attention you reach over and pull him out as I drive slowly teasing me watching him rise slowly stroking I try my best to focus and drive but you making it so hard literally finally home sweet home open the garage door pull in slam on the brakes and rush to the other side to open the door for you help you up the steps inside the house I run you a hot shower to let you get more comfortable I go down stairs and bring up the chocolate and wine with hot oils on tap waiting for you to come out I sit patiently Patience running short I undress and climb in behind her and grab the towel from her and begin to wash her both loving the site in front of me bubbles gliding down her angelic body cola to the frame her clit piercing blings in the light as I wash over it taking my time she face me and begin to wash me as while kissing as the water flow between us hot to the

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