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#386336 - again Nikki says: Ahha Pat says: I leaned and kissed your slightly parted lips closing your entrancing eyes Pat says: I let the circles wander closer and I felt the nails of the hand u had on my back digging painfully into me Pat says: I took the hand from your neck and reached behind me plucking your small hand away and holding it as I reached for your other hand Pat says: I grabbed it with a few fingers, you weren’t resisting so it was easy for me to hold both of them over the middle of your chest Pat says: All the while the circles lightened as they moved closer to your clit again Pat says: Carefully I placed your left hand over your left breast and your right over your right one Pat says: You opened your eyes and gave me a questioning look Pat says: I simply smiled, all the answer I needed to give Nikki says: Ahhhh 3 Pat says: Ahhhh huh? Nikki says: Ahhhhhhh Pat says: Is that a frustrated ahhhh? Pat says: Or a pleased one??? Nikki says: Nahuh Nikki s

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