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#382404 - it began moving quite fast his needle up and down with its proboscis, trying to find a feeding spot after a while the mosquito finally found the right spot, it sucked plenty of blood from the boy's defenseless urethra, pushing its proboscis deep into the juicy flesh More mosquitoes joined other boys, Penis blood squirted inside the mosquitoes' belly at the maximum rate, they were seeking the freshest blood after a while these mosquitoes withdrew their feeding tubes from the urethra of the boys and left happily, but this was just the beginning. The worms were attached to every sperm cell and it was destined to wake up once the boys reached the maturity age. This worm was hungry for lust, it went straight into the boy’s ass looking for his prostate.

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Ai miyashita
Lowkey what i thought
Momoko akatsutsumi | hyper blossom
She is absolute perfection omg