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#388526 - I marched into his bedroom and screamed at him “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME AND TO MUM” You know what is going to happen, I’m going to tell mum and show her the pictures and let her decide what to do to you asshole and with that i stormed out and walked to mum’s work i opened the door and was greeted by mum’s secretary Julie “HI Mark what Brings you here this time of the day” she was a 20yo woman who had been working for my mum since she was 18yo mum took her on after a short search for the right person and of course Julie fit that perfectly, she is 5ft6 tall blonde hair and blue eyes a walking wet dream for any man but she wasn’t interested in anyone at the moment as she was too busy working for my mum and she was happy, as nicely as i could considering what i had just witnessed I politely answered her that i was here to see mum about something important and she says “Go right ahead Mark your mum is just on the phone to a client at the moment” Thanks Julie i will see you soon, and i w

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