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#381886 - She led her deeper into the recess of the building towards the love seat and knelt before her, eased her thumbs into the bloomers and drew them down slowly to reveal Charlotte’s long legs, sheathed in pure white silk stockings and her bright red muff of pubic hair, the same colour that adorned her head. She gently pushed Charlotte’s thighs apart, the red folds of her outer labia becoming visible though the flame bush. The whole process of marriage was a game, part ritual and part political in which the woman had precious little control and love was a long way down the list after duty, honour and expedience.

Read Asslicking トラップ・バトルロワイヤル~女の子の誘惑を振り切れ! Jockstrap トラップ・バトルロワイヤル~女の子の誘惑を振り切れ!

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Oh my god i would love to lick it all off your body
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And i was looking for that btw