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#153292 - Robin asked, “Why should he mom? What are you going to offer him if he does?” Mom replied, “Please let me rest! If you do I’ll let you fuck me all you want!” Robin smiled at me and said, “Do you really mean all he wants to?” Mom snapped, “Yes! That is what I said! Isn’t it?” Robin said, “All he wants! Tomorrow, next week, and even next year?” Mom realized that she had just been had by Robin and said, “Yes! Yes! I’ll let him fuck me all he wants to, any time he wants to, and anywhere he wants too! But you have to let your father do the same to you young lady!” Robin looked directly into my eyes and said, “If I were you I’d let her rest!” I backed off realizing what Robin had just set up! Mom was my “Love Toy” from now on. His wife piped up and said that the women would have to equally share me then. Robin grabbed the back of my head and held me closer.

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