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#67132 - She left me there still tied, and I heard clothes rustling beside the bed and a few minutes later, the shower come on. I laid out some of her/our favorite toys, a mid sized butt plug that we both have enjoyed from time to time, a tube of lube, and at around 3:30, I had strapped the wrist and ankle cuffs on my self after attaching my ankles to the posts at the bottom bed, I laid back, slipped the blind on and then reached back and clipped the wrist cuffs into the I bolts I had screwed into the bed board, leaving me naked and spread eagle on the bed, awaiting her arrival.

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Koyomi mizuhara
I thought she said she was retired
Sailor mars
Fabulous blowjob beautiful natural tits
Touko fukawa
Awesome performance
Gou onizuka
I downvoted my nigga i gotchu