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#382216 - ‘God’ Sharon thought ‘I never felt anything like that before’ her mind was thinking bout the last 2 days, all the time’s Harry had her in bed, he was stood all weekend it seemed thanks to the Viagra “Did you enjoy your weekend?” Harry asked as he sat with Sharon in the car as she drove on the motorway home, Sharon smiled but didn’t answer for a few seconds. Sharon arched her back as she felt the thick cock throb inside her pussy, she was still amazed at how much Harry stretched her when he thrust his cock into her body, it was the most intense thing she’d felt and she loved every moment each time they were together. Sharon couldn’t explain it but Harry seemed to be better then she’d remembered and bigger too, in her mind she joked it must be the extra year he’d put on since last time, at 74 Harry was defiantly better then at 73 year’s old she laughed inside her head as she felt his hand come over her body and lightly grip her breast as he cuddled up behind her, his body tightly

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