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#90164 - I see you walkin Your ass just a talkin Damn I like yalll Thick and juicy Just like my steak No need in being fake Yea I'm no drake But this is my story Your saggy boobs And your shaggy asshole Just drives me wild You gotta be mine o mine Lapping at that belly lent It has a funny scent I worked my way in that slit God it's a loose fit I can't help but try that shit hole Were my pole fits right in Jesus don't know what he's missin We're imma kissing I cum in your mouth Without a doubt Laying beside this fat ass woman Wonder why she just farted As I darted for the door siting in church Looking at the man on the cross I promise never to fuck A fat bitch again.

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Cancer deathmask
Aaaaaa mi sra se la toma la mema esta rusita nooo andaaaa
Kouji mihama
Fukin magical
Juzo shima
Moaning and talking was so hot
Yuuta hibiki
Anal please