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#86509 - With this realization, she began running through her options, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to have sex with, she’d been lucky in recieving her mother’s looks, and knew she caught the eye of many passerbys on the street, but was that much better? If she just found some stranger to sleep with it would only have the same result in the end; she’d get bored of it in time. Heather could sense Jayla was almost finished, she kept her pace, moving her free hand to touch Jayla’s smaller breasts, slowing only when Jayla began to cum, her body rocked with the power of it, she hadn’t ever experienced this level of pleasure, and her body could hardly contain it, she took in deep breaths as her mind came back into focus, her body relaxed, growing tired from the events of the past few minutes. Heather was surprised at first, but pleasantly so, she continued to finger her as they kissed, and Jayla’s moans, which were growing in volume, were somewhat quieted when they entered

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