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#273474 - Hi, Mrs. C, Sky whispered, hurry up and suck him off!!! Mmmmmm, yes, she answered softly while licking his eight inch memeber from top to bottom, I just love young cock, it tastes so fucking good!!! Jason closed his eyes tightly as the middle aged sucktress did her dirty work, but when she took his nut bag into her hand squeezing it tighter and tighter while twirling her tongue around his mushroom head, well it was just too much to take, and seconds later his whole body stiffened as he unloaded a gusher of burning hot cum into the old bitch's hot mouth, nearly gagging her to death!!! Both Zoey and Jason lay there shell shocked from the vicious assault their organs had just endured, but when Sky whispered softly, Come on Jason, climb on and fuck her, the urge to fuck his old girl friend brought his pecker back to full strength, and in only a matter of seconds he was back in the very familar positon of being between Zoey's pretty thighs with his pecker buried deep

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