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#413272 - “ Like my friends?” , I asked impishly ? “ Oh yes”, Chet groaned ? “ Like watching them get …fucked?” , I said with heavy emphasis on ‘fucked’ “ Oh yes” , Chet said wobbling some more I leaned forward and whispered “ Want to see me get …fucked?” Chet just groaned and leaned back, I could feel him stiffen even more in his pants and then my hand felt a dampness. Faith broke out the weed and we all smoked up and had a good time. “ Oh my god, we’re double fucking her!!!”, the boy plugging my pussy exclaimed ? ? In mere minutes I was screeching again as another orgams ripped through me, the dirty fator of thos was really doing a number to my brain and I swear I didn’t stop cumming for the next hour.

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