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#322201 - Being sixteen, I was of course suffering from a condition of permanent horniness, the reason why one Friday afternoon, after school, I gathered all my courage and stepped into a store to buy a porn mag. She spread her legs wide, showing me her ripe pussy in all its glory. Carefully I placed hand on one of her tits and as soon as the soft flesh touch the palm of my hand, I let go of all my inhibitions and surrendered to my lust.

Read Audition ネトラレル。~妻が堕ちゆく偏愛快楽の果てに… 1-6 Atm ネトラレル。~妻が堕ちゆく偏愛快楽の果てに… 1-6

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Sailor mars
Seems like more people here came from emkay than from the porn