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#80752 - I pulled her from the tub dripping brought her to the bed and we fucked with so much passion we kept changing positions who was on top ,it was a night to remember that’s for sure . She asked me if I could help her shave her pubic area after seeing how sexy Lynn’s pussy was so I laid her down and trimmed first because as I said before she had never done this so she had a forest down there as she would say anyway ,after I was done trimming I took my electric beard trimmer and carved out a heart nice and neat and trimmed her lips so they were bare to the touch turned her over and shaved her ass so she was clean then I had the tub set up for her to relax but decided I need to taste my work at which time I found she was soaked she definitely had come the vibrations from the shaver but I was so into my work not wanting to mess it up that I never even noticed after she cam again I allowed her to take a relaxing soak in the tub I brought her some wine and a towel for her to lay down more co

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