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#205529 - ************************************************************************ A couple weeks went by and nothing else too interesting happened between Monica and I. I noticed that her style was what some would call artsy or eccentric she wore a brown leather jacket with some sort of band t-shirt underneath, skin tight jeans, sandals that seemed to be made out of a single strip of fabric that just wrapped around her foot, a feather earring in one ear and a big diamond stud in the other. These thoughts that I was having were supplying me with a continual hard on throughout the day and I found myself constantly trying to situate my body in my chair so that no one would notice my erections.

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Seiri fukiyose
Delicious girl
Setsuna ogiso
Super hot
Have you ever made a porn dvd before
Uzuki shimamura
Nothing but a perfect hj love it
The really sad thing is she used to be really smoking hot before the over the top body art she went way too far