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#287756 - I can’t explain in words how I felt walking towards that door, I wanted to throw up, my whole body was shaking, I opened the door Mum threw her arms around me and Dad closed the door behind them. she told me to find a hotel and book in, and she would phone and pay by credit card, I tried to refuse but with her pleading, and the fact that I was frozen through to the bone, I knew it made sense, I was scared , cold and lonely and I had only been away less than 12 hours, A great start to my new life. My head was in turmoil, I had no where to stay and not even enough money for a nights bed and breakfast, I walked about Blackpool trying to find a job, it was the 2nd of January hardly any place was open with most people still on holiday, I sat about on the pier for hours just thinking about what I was going to do, and most importantly where I was going to sleep, my head was wasted my face burned from tears, I just wanted to curl up and die, I was tired ,it was a bitterly cold night, the st

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