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#363646 - On the way back to school I top out at 270kmph on the longest stretch, we get to school and Hannah says thanks and then runs off to her little group, Joe and I just sit in the car and wait for Roman to show up (Chris is my oldest friend and is pretty much literally my brother, his older step-sister married my dad and we are now related, we’ve known each other since we were 5, and he doesn’t go to the same high school as us) many of the guys stop and check out the car and drool and then walk off feeling slightly green, and a couple girls too. Joe, being the ass he is, noticed, smirked and called her over to us, by now I was so distracted by her absolute beauty I had actually forgotten her name, so as she walked up to us smiling shyly, I melted inside and made sort of a gurgling noise. “So it’s going to be one of those days?” I think to myself as I suck on the scratch I just received from the corner of my desk as I leaned down to pick up one of the shoes I’ve been dreading wearing since

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