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#346468 - I was able to see Marie at last, we talked hanged out, kissed and agreed that we would have sex that night after the barbeque or during, or as soon as we had a chance to be alone, it would happen, I was thrilled; finally I was going to have sex. We were kissing and kissing, I had done a lot of things with Kat these past days but kissing was not one of them, it felt good, my hands started moving all over her body, she was wearing her sleeping shirt, I was touching her breasts her legs, her neck my hand found itself to her mound and she was wet, very wet, I started fingering her we were kissing madly and touching ourselves all over, I kept on fingering her suddenly she broke our kiss, she stared at me directly in to my eyes that where a reflection of her own, I took my finger out of her pussy and took her sleeping shirt off, she was completely naked in front of me, all her body just inches away, I leaned forward and started licking and kissing her breasts, I grabbed her butt, it was a

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