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#82382 - sammy start of when I was 30 I went out with my co worker we was drinking we all take about sex we went to other club this big women at bar ask if I was lesbian I seld no I'm married she look at me up and down hour later we getting ready to go home my co worker got taxi I seld I walk home coz it was only 5 mins to our house I was walk home this women follow me when I was walk down the allay I felt hand grab my hair I look back this women seld now u wil be a lesbian I was scared she grab my tits push me on floor sat on my face made me lick her pussy she call me names seld this were black belong she got up piss over me she took her pantys of drop them on me seld a rember of the nite I got home shower and got in bed went to sleep. Sammy seld u better get home have granda to she untie her seld u better go say goodbye to my mom u better kiss her but not her lips but her ass. Her mom was shocked wud her daughty real do it she don't want to find out.

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