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#166430 - I'm going to take some rather, how should I say it, explicit home movies of you three in action! If I get picked up by the cops and charged with this burglary, copies of this tape will be sent to every member of your church! You wouldn't dare, cried Chelsea Wells! It's either that, or a bullet, shot back Vic, take your choice! Chelsea, trying to cover herself, hid behind her mother and father, while the two adults looked uncertainly at each other, both realizing that there was no way out of this mess, except to do what they were told. The girl found her hard little nub and ran her finger over and around it, causing her to gasp. Climbing silently into the dark room, he snapped on a small but powerful flashlight and surveyed the surroundings, and pulled out an old pillow case from inside his coat.

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Lol she said uwu