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#399229 - I slowly started back inside of her and she was telling me yes yes , I asked her to run her clit for me which she quickly lowered her hand and started doing,I also lowered my hand to her steamy soaking pussy to feel my own cock sliding in and to feel how wet she was,bringing my hand back My first two fingers were literally soaked and i slowly raised to her lips, she seen my fingers coming and opened her mouth wide and said yes yes let me taste my wet pussy juice, feed it to me. she then asked how i liked the taste? I told her honestly I noticed it with the first lick and really came hard as strange as it sounded I then also told her i could taste her pussy cum as well and that it was good. she told me later she will relay some of them to me She also asked if we could go to the adult toy store and get a few items? more to follow will pay attention more to grammer,spelling,.

Read Abg [picturd]宝可梦红豆杉博士与大狼犬(djsymq机翻汉化)Pokémon Professor Aurea Juniper Mightyena Bangbros [picturd]宝可梦红豆杉博士与大狼犬Pokémon Professor Aurea Juniper Mightyena

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I might actually have fallen in love with her