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#337762 - The shorts were a soft, silky nylon material, quite short and loose in the leg and more like athletic shorts really. It wasn’t a pee-stain either; no argument about it, it was the remains of a cum-stain! So here I was, standing in the locked cubicle, leaking pre-cum like mad into my own damp Speedos, now barely containing my painfully trapped and engorged tool, and in my hands I had a pair of someone else’s cum-stained swim-shorts! I began wondering if he had actually aroused himself and cum while he was in the pool wearing them. The shorts were well-dry, so the guy probably wasn’t still here.

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Osomatsu matsuno
Yoooooooo this is the tiktok chick
Umi sonoda
Love you
Shinya itou
I fell in love
Chizuru nanbara
God i wish you would join me and my wife