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#372652 - Finally Walter presses the bottom button and the large wall dividing both rooms retracts revealing a king sized bed, Walter has quickly moved into another room where he sits infront of a large television and waits to see what happens, the changing rooms are filled with hidden cams that allow Walter to see everything that happens. He's met several celebrities, banged several models and porn stars and after making some very smart investments in the stock market he's guarenteed a very long and stress free life. After shaking their hands and again thanking them for their help with his research and he watches them leave and thinks to himself [ I can't believe that went so smoothly ], Walters happy, he hasn't felt this kind of rush in a long time and he wants more.

Read China ふたなり地味子の性春「快楽的オナニーのすゝめ」 - Original Real Orgasm ふたなり地味子の性春「快楽的オナニーのすゝめ」

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