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#328722 - Shaking her head Maxine was dumbfounded, then she felt the man behind her slip his fingers into her damp pussy rubbing up and down causing her to become wetter still, his probing finger finding her hardening clit he massaged it and Maxine unable to stop herself let out a low moan of pleasure. The man holding her arms suddenly releases them and pulls her up by her hair, before she can react the photographer has grabbed her hands holding them tight again, the man holding her hair forces his cock into her mouth, ‘bite me and I’ll kill you’ he threatens as he pushes deep into her mouth making her gag once before pulling out, he times his thrusts with the man fucking her and Maxine can do nothing but let them use her, scared that if she fights they will hurt her or do something worse. Feeling herself aching all over she tries to argue but can’t get the words out.


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