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#322305 - Apparently all had gone according to plan but Ben had not closed the door properly and Rocky had nudged it open and started to lick the semen from her, Hannah could do nothing about it as she couldn’t move and not long before we arrived home Rocky had mounted her and his huge knot had grown inside her. With growing embarrassment my penis poked it head out from the leg of my shorts and touched Hannah’s cheek, she moaned and turned her head sliding her lips over my knob and pushing back against Rocky driving his doggie cock deeper inside her. I have a feeling Hannah did not welcome a mouth full of my semen but when Carrie asked her if she was in a lot of pain she had no choice but to swallow it and reply “it’s a lot better now” The orgasm had opened Hannah up and Rocky managed to slide out of her pussy with a loud plop trailing a river of cum “oh my god look at the size of that thing, no wonder you were in pain” exclaimed Carrie “I can believe that whole thing fitted inside m

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Like if i should ask my boyfriend to let me try a dick that big
Naoto kaguyama
Nice hentai that ass oh lord i like how you ride that cock great ending